Technology in 2007

While it is said that 2006 is the year of planting the seeds, 2007 is the year of harvesting. For the companies I am interested in, perhaps, some of them will start to harvest this year, while others will continue to plant their seeds. In any case, 2007 is an exciting year for new gadgets, devices and services as companies shift to enabling and empowering the consumers’ growing digital and online lifestyles.


In 2006, Microsoft started to seriously promote Windows Vista. Before 2006 ended, Microsoft released Windows Vista to businesses. Now, in 2007, all eyes are on the mass release of Windows Vista this January. If holiday shoppers of new PCs listened to Microsoft’s Windows Vista readiness programs, we should expect Windows Vista Upgrade packages to sell hot this month. Also watch out for the new Windows Vista ready bugs, viruses, security threats and issues to be discovered and patched throughout the year.


In 2006, Apple made the big switch to the Intel platform. They also made subtle updates to their product lines including the new form factor of the iPod Shuffle — a more fashionable clip on device. This year, Apple is expected to release new products and perhaps the much awaited iPhone. Exactly what Apple will launch this year remains a mystery to even the best die hard fans of the Macs and the iPods. What is sure though, is the Month of Apple Bugs on-going this January 2007.


In 2006, there was nothing special about Google and their products. In fact, they needed to buy YouTube to make their year exciting. But surely, they’re the winner in the online search business category and may continue to hold that title for a long time in the same way that Amazon and eBay are the long time champions of their respective businesses. Hopefully, in 2007, Google will make better use of their investors’ money to release products that actually win the hearts of many…


Oracle’s news for 2006 is their support for Red Hat. It’s not just that their products will bundle Red Hat’s Linux, Oracle also wants to compete with Red Hat’s support business. While technology-wise, Oracle + Red Hat may be a strong partnership, I am not sure how that partnership will go well business-wise. Did I mention competition?


After opening Solaris in 2004, Sun released Java as an open-source product in 2006. Will they make more of their software products open source this year? Or will open sourcing be a Sun event every 2 years? Will Sun remain open this year? Ooops… Meanwhile, consumers don’t care… and I continue to drool for that mouth watering HTC Tytn I’d love to own ASAP.

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