MacWorld 2007

I’ve been checking the live updates hours past midnight to see what Apple’s up to. I am absolutely excited to see if there really is an iPhone. But most of all, I’m just interested how well Steve Jobs would give life to this year’s MacWorld. Apparently, Steve Jobs didn’t plan to disappoint.
He started with the expected: iTV is now AppleTV.
BANG: iPhone! The Multi-Touch enabled iPod, mobile smartphone and Internet communications device. It doesn’t look like the traditional iPod with the tracking wheel and all. It’s mostly a screen and a Home button.
iPhone sports all the bells and whistles available to most mobile phones available today: quad-band, GSM, EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, camera, etc. However, there’s no 3G yet but there’s mention of it coming soon. iPhone is thin (11.6mm), sleek, cool and, man, you can use all your ten fingers to work and play with it.
Now, here’s a bigger BANG: iPhone runs OS X!
It has web browsing, widgets, contacts, calendar, photos, texting, e-mail, etc. It’s an OS X you can call on. It’s an OS X you can listen to. It’s totally desirable!
Wow! Amazing! Wonderful! Totally! Woohoo!!!
And the biggest BANG of all:  $499 – 599. In US this June; locked with Cingular. Asia in 2008.
What the…

That’s really enough BANG for me. Everything else, I’ll see in tomorrow’s news. Time to sleep.

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