Microsoft at CES 2007

I was excited to see what Microsoft had to show at CES this year. Everything turned out as expected and as earlier reported: Windows Vista, new hardware and devices for Vista, XBox as the true media center, the Ford partnership and the home server of HP. Unfortunately, I only saw the video online and a portion is "hidden" so I didn’t really get to see everything.
What I really find interesting are the Windows Vista powered UMPCs and the new multi-media all-in-one PC models from various manufacturers. How I wish they showed more about the SideShow and the devices that will use it. SideShow is one of the most interesting Windows Vista features to watch out for as it invades most future innovations that will be designed to integrate with Windows Vista.
It is also amazing to see Bill Gates demo the potentials of what can be done in the future: interactive bus stops, kitchens and bedrooms. Perhaps a taste of what he already has in his own home? Regardless, the possibilities presented are all agreeable to. Not much "wow", "ooohs" and "aaahs" needed. You just nod your head and say to yourself, "Yeah…"

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