Windows Vista UI

For me, the only big problem with Windows Vista is the multiple navigation schemes available in the different applications built-in or built for Windows Vista. For example:
  • The new explorer style menu (which is now the basic Windows Vista navigation concept and design);
  • The new "breadcrumbs" style menu (available to some and not to other applications);
  • The new Internet Explorer style menu (cluttered and un-customizable design);
  • The new Office 2007 ribbon style menu (which I wish they’ll turn into the Windows standard navigation soon); and
  • The classic File | Open… type of menu (yeah, yeah… still here, no more time to change ’em, stick with ’em for a while…);

There are also dialogue screens which are not consistently updated to the new dialogue screen designs. Plus, some applications are still haunted by the Windows 2000/XP/2003-like UI form factor you’ll wonder if Microsoft was really able to finish the product as a whole.

Everything else looks great though, but… Hmmm… I wonder how Apple’s doing?


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