Shattering Illusions!!!

This article is more like the wish list of AppForge’s CEO, Gary Warren. In a nutshell, he claims that the mobile web browser is dead.
I search for online content, media and information using mobile web browsers. I discover new applications and services using mobile web browsers. Nothing can beat the fact that finding anything on the Internet using a browser makes a lot of sense — on a PC or on a mobile device. Regardless of what services get invented, most of the time, people just want to do searching and browsing all by themselves. It’s simply because people cannot rely on a single service to give them what they need. There’s always a chance, if not hope, that other services would help to find more and, perhaps, new and better results. More importantly, it maintains to keep the user in control.
The web browser is the basic tool of the Internet in the same way that the keyboard or mouse are the basic tools to interact with a computer. And if it is not so much philosophical, I’d say, regardless of innovations and technological advancements, the basics stay.
Internet + mobile web browser exists because Internet + PC web browsers exists with success. Internet + browser is a basic partnership that allows people to be in control of their online life.
And the same can be said about the business crowd. To have rich applications on the client is an option. But it is also an option to use online services fitted to be consumed in a mobile web browser. As connectivity gets cheaper, which is happening and will continue to do so, who’ll even worry about the cost of staying connected while mobile?
You know what? If I may say so, what I do know for sure… is that the Internet can live without AppForge.
Shattering illusions!!!

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