I found a new job as a team leader for an IT consulting company. Well, not that I’ll be doing something new. But it’s a different company to work for. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve spent around 6 years working on the same product and I am very proud of my achievements. Still, it’s time for me to go…
Meanwhile, my wife is doing very well in her direct selling business (Mary Kay). From that business, she got a new desktop PC (I’m using it right now), she reserved a slot to visit Thailand for free and she’s going to get her car this summer. She also helped two of her team members get promoted before the end of 2006. All of these achieved in just 6 months and she’s very proud of her achievements. And she keeps on going…
Wait a minute…
I’ve worked 6 years but I didn’t get a new PC for free and I still don’t have a car. But my wife got them all in just 6 months?! And take note, my wife is also working full-time in a company. Which means she could only do her direct selling business part-time. But still… look at her rewards! I bet people would be really interested to join her team.
I must be working the wrong job…

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