Thoughts on the iPhone

The iPhone, which braves the world with a large screen and a single button design, is perhaps the boldest and the hottest gadget ever annnounced this January 2007.

The iPhone uses an Apple patented Multi-Touch technology which allows users to use more than one finger to navigate on the unit’s screen. Compare that to a typical touchscreen which can only track and react to a single finger touching its surface. However, people are concerned about this, considering it, among many, a liability to the product rather than its strong selling point.

It is an iPod, phone and Internet device in one. It runs OS X and boasts of rich connectivity capabilities such as quad-band GSM, bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Although it has no 3G, the fact that it has Wi-Fi is good enough — with the proliferation of free Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, the cost of staying online is getting cheaper and cheaper for everyone.

The iPhone is planned to be released in the US in June this year (Cingular); later in Europe; and then in Asia sometime in 2008. The only lowdown is its lockdown with Cingular (AT&T). It seems to be a strategic move. Defensive in fact… as Apple ensures the success of the product first before really going mainstream. I suppose this is a wise decision. The iPhone right now is version 1.00. I don’t think the entire company should be risked for it at once.

My PC desktop wallpaper shows a couple of iPhone pictures. It inspires me to work harder hoping that I can go and own the real thing soon. Meanwhile, I dream about the HTC Tytn…


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