Prison Break – Season 1

My wife and I just finished watching season 1 of Fox Network’s Prison Break on DVD. This TV series was so full of excitement we had a lot of fun watching it. We couldn’t stop. It was very addictive. Each episode ending gripped us to continue on to the next episode. We stayed up late watching the episodes one after the other until we had to force ourselves to sleep.
The plot, the characters, the thrill and the emotions that go with them overall makes the series very entertaining. The story telling format is described by (warning: spoilers in the wiki) as somewhat similar to Lost and 24.  Fast paced and full of surprises, I highly recommend Prison Break.
Despite its genre, Prison Break is a heart-warming family-oriented tale. It’s also about brotherhood and friendship. It’s about justice and love. It’s about having that little faith to get by the challenges in life. With planning, optimism and a little luck, there’s always hope.
It is said that Prison Break will be a trilogy. Season 1 and season 2 are tagged as chapter 1 of the trilogy. If that pattern is followed, looks like they’re planning 6 seasons for the TV series. Hmmm… Hopefully, no one gets tired.
Meanwhile, because of the season 1 ender episode (if you’ve seen it, you’ll agree), we’ll be crazy not to grab a copy of season 2…

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