Mobile Phones in Style

We’ve heard of fashion-oriented brands sponsoring specific mobile phone models. In fact we’ve seen D&G’s take on Motorola’s RAZR. They all tend to be more expensive than the base model. Despite questionable success, the trend keeps on going.
Prada and LG Electronics teams up with the first touch screen phone in the market: the Prada Phone (LG KE850). This goes out ahead of Apple’s iPhone, also a touch screen phone, to be released in June.
There are also reports (or rumors) of Tag Heuer cellphones coming out soon. I guess it’s one of those James Bond 007 dreams coming true for their designers.
It’s all about style. If there are more touch screen phones coming out along side Apple’s iPhone, I think Apple should start considering Steve Ballmer’s comments on the iPhone’s hefty price — although, honestly, we should be used to Apple products being more expensive than everyone else’s…

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