Wii Lose Weight

Finally it is here: a healthy game console. Not that it cooks up salads and 0 trans fat dishes. And, no, it does not hook up to your next diet recipe site on the web and all. It’s just that, the console won’t make you move just your eyes, hands and fingers while you play. Oh, no, it does more than that. It makes you move your entire body.
We all know it’s Wii. But the proof of it’s health benefits are available. And there are also pictures to show. Truly, Wii is revolutionary. While XBox 360 and PS3 continue to keep only your finger muscles toned, Wii helps to get your whole body toned as well. It’s like owning a fully interactive arcade at home. You don’t have to visit Dave & Buster’s to sweat out that burger by posing and acting like a real cop in public while you shoot the criminals off the screen. Now, you can stay at home and try sweating it out with a game of boxing, tennis or bowling.
Right now, I think Wii is the best game console ever. It’s fun. And it’s healthy. Just make sure you won’t break anything with it

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