ASP.Net AJAX is Out!

Ok, so I’m late with the announcement. But it’s out! Formerly called Atlas, ASP.Net AJAX is now officially version 1.0. Toolkits and other related products are available as well from the ASP.Net AJAX site. There are also demos available.
AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) was a name coined by Jesse James Garrett in February 2005. It is basically made up of many old but disparate techniques in using the various web client technologies together (such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript and XML) in order to create rich online user experiences. The technologies themselves and the techniques were not new. But when they were given their own name, it became something important enough to inspire and motivate the development of the many AJAX frameworks. Read more about the history of AJAX from
Microsoft’s ASP.Net AJAX is one of the many free AJAX frameworks already out in the market. It is designed to work well with Visual Studio 2005 and later. The concept of having a framework is to ease the job of the developer in developing the client and server-side requirements using a common discipline.
Interesting finds for AJAX with the .Net in mind: AJAX.Net and Telerik… although the latter is not free…

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