TV vs. “Internet TV”

Bill Gates is excited in this article where he says the future of the TV is in the Internet. I have nothing against his vision from happening. It might, yes, but perhaps, not in 5 years.
First and foremost, TVs are not affected by the number of users concurrently using it as opposed to the Internet’s performance degradation when bandwidth traffic is heavy. Next, for as long as TV broadcasting towers are not damaged, TVs are not affected by earthquakes. TVs are, also, not attacked by viruses, threats and hacks as associated to computers hooked on to the Internet. Lastly, and perhaps the most important, TVs can be accessible without additional connection costs as shows can be broadcasted by TV networks that enables content to be delivered to the masses with only one simple requirement: for the viewer to own a TV set — now, compare that to getting a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, modem, phone line, ISP subscription, software, etc. to access an "Internet TV".
Please don’t get me wrong. I do not think that Bill Gates’ vision will never happen. I think it will, yes, but the transition might take longer than 5 years — even if Microsoft, this year, pushes for Windows Vista (with built-in Media Center) and the XBox as the ultimate TV products of the future.

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