Enterprise Software Development – Planning and Preparation II

The best plan foresees and anticipates the future. And the most complete plan includes contingency or that "plan B" that would save the day if everything else seems to go wrong. Planning the enterprise software development efforts of an IT organization is in itself a preparation for the IT organization’s each and every future.
Worst case, poor planning and preparation may result to expensive revamps, retoolings and loss of knowledge resources. We’ve heard of companies making drastic switches from platform to platform. We’ve heard of companies switching core business software products every now and then. We’ve heard of companies reworking year long efforts of migration, upgrades and updates that failed and cost them double or even triple had they started it right the first time.
A vision and a mission is not enough. Concrete planning and preparation should be drawn and put into action, little by little or immediately depending on the resources available and the viability of doing so in favor of the enterprise.
Planning and preparation, therefore, should result to the following:
  • Roadmap;
  • Timetable;
  • Plan A;
  • Plan B; and
  • Enterprise approval.

The roadmap sets the path. The timetable sets the pace. Plan A lays out what needs to be done. Plan B lays out what needs to be done in case plan A fails. And the last item proves the business value of the planning and preparation made.

It’s almost simple. It’s almost easy. But this is just the beginning…


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