One wish list down!!!

I now have a Canon Powershot S3 IS for a good deal from Sears. I love this camera. It has some surprising features I was not expecting. For example:
  • With my A80, I couldn’t zoom while recording a video. I can with this one. And since it can record upto 1GB of continous video, it’s like owning a camcorder as well.
  • Continuous shooting is also pretty fast even with the flash. I feel like a pro using it. Trying hard to be an SLR? Perhaps. But it serves my purpose well.
  • I also like the special effects built in where I can choose a color aspect and then capture that color as-is in my a B/W photo or video. Amazing!
  • There are also additional pre-settings like that for capturing fireworks and beach scenes. Sweet…
  • I surely hoped it has an automatic lens cover like that in A80 and smaller point-and-shoots. But It comes with a lens cover you snap on which is cool enough for me. From afar, I can pretend it’s an SLR even though it’s not.

One down and two more wish list items to go…


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