Wii is Hard to Find

Wii are out-of-stock everywhere here in NJ. I think even in Toys ‘R’ Us and online.
Hello Wii!!! I am really considering buying you but you better show up. You are definitely spoiling the excitement big time.
The guy at GameStop told us that’s it’s been that way for a long time already. Wii’s are the hardest to find console. Is it a strategy to keep the prices high? Or are they simply willing to lose sales because they don’t care. Geez! I’m just disappointed and frustrated about not getting a Wii sooner. A little longer and I might just go for an i-Mate Ultimate… I mean a laptop.

One thought on “Wii is Hard to Find

  1. sayang!  we were selling a wii for P17k a couple of months ago.  it was only with us for a day before someone took it agad.  🙂  good luck on finding that wii.
    hope to see you soon, mendz!  regards to flor and the boys. 

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