Remembering New Jersey

What’s so different about my recent trip to the US? I enjoyed it a lot:
1. I saw New York.
2. I saw the Statue of Liberty.
3. I’ve been to the Met and MoMA.
4. I’ve been to Central Park.
5. I’ve been on Top of the Rock.
6. I went shopping.
7. I got a new camera.
8. I got a new laptop.
9. I rode the fastest roller coaster.
10. And I met new friends in New Jersey.
It’s a great experience to travel. It is humbling and educational in many ways. Sigh… I forgot to mention Nintendo DS Lite — the kids (and wifey) are enjoying it a lot. And then there’s RoboSapien v2, new watches, chocolates…

I’m Home!!!

I just got back home from the US after 4 months or so there. I enjoyed my assignment there very much and I look forward to going back there soon.
I missed my family so much: my wife and the kids. It was Father’s Day when I got back and the kids had a lot of surprises in stored for me. I was really touched.
I am really happy to be home.