Visited the Highpoint State Park, NJ

It was a good day today to go to a park despite the low temperature. There was clear sky so we head off to Highpoint State Park, NJ as planned almost a week before. The trip was smooth setting a good mood to basically enjoy the park’s sceneries and to take great pictures.
The park has a beach which faces a lake draped with a beautiful row of trees in autumn colors. We could see a monument at the highest peak of the park so we went up there and spent some time taking pictures. The peak has a perfect overlooking view of the Garden State. I took lots of pictures while enjoying the pre-winter sights: trees of green, yellow, orange and red leaves around (not something you’d see back home in the Philippines). Wonderful! It was like seeing the entire of New Jersey in its final beauty before all the leaves have fallen for winter.
The wind at the monument was chilling and freezing. We took more pictures here and there and relaxed a bit at a picnic table talking about anything. We drove home happy and satisfied with the experience.
It’s a good day indeed.

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