We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.
— Lynn Hall, Where Have All the Tigers Gone?, 1989

I just find this quote full of wisdom and I’d like to share it with you. When I first read it, I just thought about growing old and felt like looking forward to it. (Thanks, Joy, for sharing). But it also brought me to thinking about my accomplishments and what I’ve done so far in this world. I guess there’s more to it than just being concious of your age.

It also reminds me of Dennis Black whom I met at the airport in Manila while waiting in line for our check-in time. Dennis is a pastor based in California who visits the Philippines as a missionary to the tribes in and around Bontoc in Central Luzon.

Dennis told me about Bontoc and the tribes there. He told me about Rudy who cares so much as to keep in touch with him in behalf of the tribes and the towns. It was really kind of him to show me some pictures of his visit to Bontoc in his digital camera. He told me about his mission and what he’s accomplished. I could see, hear and feel his passion. It was great having met him. We parted on checking-in for the flight and missed saying "bon voyage" or "pleased to meet you" or "good-bye" to each other.

If you can read this Dennis, I just want you to know I feel honored having met and talked to you. I pray for you and wish you all the best. God bless…


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