Chicken Fries with a Twist

I enjoyed my dinner today. I cooked it.
I had a boneless chicken breast which I cut into pieces of around 1 to 1.5 inch thick. I rubbed them in garlic powder (out of laziness to chop some garlic). I then marinated them for 10-15 minutes in lemon pepper marinade.
On a non-stick frying pan, I heated canola-olive oil and butter. I then placed the chicken cuts and poured the excess marinade in to fry covered for 5 minutes on each side. Lightly browned on each side, I removed the chicken from the pan and I placed them on a plate. The pan is left with no trace of butter or excess marinade. All that remains is the cooking oil. I guess that means all of the marinade’s flavor are in the fried chicken fillets now.
I removed some of the oil and retained around a tablespoon on the pan which I put on the flame again. I put in chopped tomatoes and sauted for a minute. I added two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and a tablespoon of brown sugar sauteing in medium to high heat for around 2 minutes or so. I then added some basil and hot chili crushed peppers then covered the pan in low heat for a couple more minutes.
When I was done, I poured the chili balsamic tomato sauce over the fried chicken fillets. I sprinkled some basil and parsely here and… voila! A tasty sweet, tangy and spicy treat I enjoyed with plain steamed rice. Yummy!

2 thoughts on “Chicken Fries with a Twist

  1. Wow! Sounds scrumptious! Still seems to be too much work though. 
    Here\’s my idea of a an ultra-fast meal (but I still find yummy) which you might wanna try.
    Open bottle of spanish sardines in olive oil.
    Flake sardines.
    Boil pasta.
    When pasta done mix in flaked sardines.
    Add parmesan cheese. 
    You blinked, and you missed the preparation!! 
    Hope you\’re enjoying the chilly weather – happy Thanksgiving na rin!
    You know you\’re an adult when you start trading recipes,
    -Mrs. Regis

  2. Why thank you Mrs. Regis. I\’ve never imagined sardines on my pasta before. But, yes, I can almost taste it already. I\’ll give it a try.

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