My First Thanksgiving

It was crazy!
We woke up early in the morning to go to NY for the Thanksgiving Parade. There were great floats, balloons and some celebrities. I have to agree it’s a must experience. We stationed ourselves at Central Park. I got a good spot and took lots of pictures. I’ll post some of the good ones later.
Then we watched Beowulf at IMAX in the afternoon.
Come dinner, we had a Thanksgiving dinner party (Pinoy style) at 77. We played Bingo with big prizes at stake. There was a portable DVD player, a digital camera, an iTouch and a 26" LCD TV. Unfortunately, I didn’t win a single one of them… not even a box of Godiva chocolates for the consolation prizes.
Come midnight, we went to Woodburry for the Thanksgiving sale. I have never seen so many people shopping like there’s no tomorrow… at past midnight. And to think that the weather was really cold: 20 degrees F and winds to bear! We shopped there until 5:30am, drove back to Rockaway for breakfast and went straight to the Rockaway Mall for more shopping. We were awake for more than 30 hours already by noon.
We finally decided to go home, have lunch and bath. It was a tiring but fun experience. I was asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

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