Ground Beef Fiesta

I never thought it would taste good. But it did!
I sauted chopped garlic, onions and red bell peppers in a shallow pan. I stirred in the ground beef until lightly colored. I added some salt, some pepper and covered the pan to let the beef sweat. I added potatoes and carrots cut into small cubes. Then I poured in a little water to help cook the vegetables which took around 3 – 5 minutes. I chopped some celery hearts and added them to the mix as soon as the potatoes and carrots looked done. I covered the pan and cooked for a few more minutes stirring occassionally. When the water I added evaporated already and all that remained were the natural juices from the beef and the vegetables, I decided it was time to celebrate my dinner.
It looked awesome! Red, orange, yellow, green and beef just looked happy together — like fiesta with a naughty hint of spicyness! Since I cooked a lot for a meal, I used the leftover to create a Ground Beef Fiesta Omelette the next day. Yummyness!

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