Mashed Potato

My first mashed potato was delicious. I boiled a couple of big potatoes (the individually wrapped kind labeled for baking) in water seasoned with salt. When the potatoes were soft and ready, I drained the water and returned the pot with the potatoes in on a low flame. This helped to keep the potatoes hot and for any remaining water to further evaporate. I only did this for a few minutes.
Then it was time to skin and mash the potatoes. I used a fork to mash the potatoes. While doing it, I added a pinch of salt, pepper, about two ot three tablespoons of milk and lots of butter (a few slices at a time). I added parsely when I was close to the consistency I wanted (slightly chunky). It smelled and tasted so good.
I served my first mashed potato with a couple of grilled Angus beef steaks marinated in old fashioned barbeque sauce plus some steamed brocolli and cauliflower in butter, salt and pepper. Awesome!

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