Solo Room

I am assigned to a single bed room this time. I have the room to myself with enough cabinets and drawers to store my things. I like the idea of having my own room.
I never really had my own room when I was younger. I always shared my room with my brothers. It was fun, no doubt about it. My brothers were my favorite playmates and we’d sometimes talk and talk about anything in bed through the night until we fell asleep. Come morning, with heavy sleepy eyes and all, we literally dragged ourselves to school wishing for a storm or two. Those were the days…
Then I got married and I share the bedroom with my wife, of course. Sometimes with the kids as well. It’s good actually and I love it.
But I tend to enjoy the introvert in me sometimes — spending time alone to think about me, myself and I. So when I get the chance to have my own room, like when I travel or when I’m alone at home, I re-live a personal dream on how I want my room to be. Simply put, I like my room neat and clean. I like organizing my stuffs. Seriously. Slightly OC but I keep myself in control — I know what you’re thinking, but I am not that OC, so quit it.
If you see my desk at work, it would be hard to trace that I’ve been there the day before. I heard this story from my previous job when the boss checked on us in the new office, he was wondering where I was seated. When my officemates pointed to my cube, he said, "Had he ever work in there?" And he made a gesture comparing the mess of the cube beside mine. Everyone just laughed about it. I felt proud when they told me about it. Really. A satisfaction that I enjoy getting when guests see my room.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not the neatest, cleanest person. I am lazy when it comes to cleaning. It makes me sneeze a lot — I figured that it’s just not for me. So, I expect other people to clean for me. As in to clean the room for me, yes, but not necessarily to organize for me. I like doing that neat part myself.
Anyway, allow me to enjoy my first night in a room I can call my own for a while…

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