Not a Typical Weekend in NY

This is my latest NY weekend:
1. Dinner at an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinatown — awesome prawns in fruit salad.
2. Party at a "no name bar" found somewhere along W 14th St — great DJ music.
3. Hangout at the Seaport’s Pier 17 — favorite place ever.
4. Ride the free Water Taxi to IKEA in Brooklyn — quite an experience.
5. Take IKEA’s free shuttle bus to Brooklyn Bridge — my first time.
6. Lunch at Grimaldi’s — best pizza ever!
7. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge — always the best exercise.
8. Brave the snow storm at 7th Ave — gave up.
9. Ate "NY-style Shawarma" from a food stand near the 6th Ave — so and so.
10. Watch Johnny Gallagher perform at the ARS Nova Theater — amazing performance!
11. Chill out at The Bar Nine — lively and relaxing at the same time.
12. Stroll around Central Park — never fails to impress.
13. Walk along the 5th Ave — temptations!
14. Visit MoMa — wow!
I had my first yellow cab ride. I had my first bus ride. I had lots of subway rides.
It was great!
The fun weekend ended with a wonderful lunch at Anita’s Asian Cuisine along Rt 10 W, NJ.

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