Fall Is Coming

Summer is almost over. Actually, for some it already is. Although, officially, autumn should start on September 22, 2009 here in the USA, it is starting to feel cold now in New Jersey with mornings opening up in the 50s. The sun shines, the sky is clear and blue, but the entire state feels airconditioned. "Bright beauty" as the weather man on TV calls it.
While summer is a whole lot of fun, fall is a feast to the eyes. This is perhaps the best season to go out and enjoy nature at its best. Perhaps that’s the reason fall fashion is usually into earth colors. Come autumn, the colors of the trees change from green to shades of yellow, orange and red like as if the trees are on fire — I imagine them giving the last effort for the year to show their warmth before they shed everything for winter.
A friend here told me that she knew I was coming because the temperature is already dropping. Well, considering I often come here during the cold seasons and leaves before summer, I suppose she’s got a pretty good sense. Come to think of it, I’ve already experienced completing fall, winter and spring here but not the summer season. Hope that would change next year. 🙂

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