On Ondoy’s Wrath

Ondoy left behind pain and sufferings for the many Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. Manila, the Philippines’ capital, and its surrounding provinces were deluged with heavier than normal rains that caused devastating flash floods as rivers and dams overflowed into cities, industrial regions and residential areas. The unprecedented damage and the growing list of lost lives overwhelm the nation. The destruction as it is now would take months or even years to recover from. As Ondoy leaves the country, many are disheartened with news of more storms that are expected to come to the Philippines in the next few weeks. Sad
The Philippines get hit by storms many times every year.  In many ways, I believe the Filipino people have learned to cope with that fact and should be prepared most of the time. We cannot underestimate the knowledge and experience of Filipinos in dealing with and in surviving tormental storms. However, Ondoy brought an extraordinary amount of rain to the country with over 13 inches poured in just 12 hours. No one could possibly be ready for that… and I’m sure, not even the richest of nations.
The Philippine’s National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) is not ready for devastations as big as this. Not that NDCC never prepared for anything. This is undeniably overwhelming! Ondoy destroyed a number of regions in South Luzon over the weekend. There is not enough boats and choppers to cover as much air and ground. There is not enough trained people to disseminate for rescue operations. There is not enough resources immediately and readily available for everyone. These are the reasons why, two gruelling days after, there are still people trapped in their flooded houses or are still on the roofs of their submerged homes waiting to be rescued.
Meanwhile, Filipinos working outside the Philippines are shocked! They are worried about their loved ones. For some of them, up to this writing, they still haven’t heard from their families and friends who are known to be victims of flash floods as well. It’s a painful ordeal. It’s been two days now! I could hardly imagine the suffering they are going through. Please pray for them. God, please help them!
Filipinos unite at times like these — that, I know for sure. Together, I know we will get through this. Together, I know we will recover.
Appreciate your help for my family to recover. I am accepting donations to my PayPal account. Thank you!

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