When I Am Away…

When I am away

I think about you

As the leaves turn
From green to brown
Waiting for their turn
To touch the ground.
When I am away
The wind blows cold
As the sky turns
From white to gray
Waiting for the snow
To brighten the day.
When I am away
The sun shines through
As the gardens turn
From white to green
Waiting for the flowers
To bloom and be seen.
When I am away
I think about you
As the sands turn
From dull to bright
Waiting for the people
To party all night.
When I am away
I think about you
As the seasons change
From fall to summer
Waiting for the family
To be back together.

Some People…

Some people don’t care, don’t mind, don’t think and don’t understand. Some people are selffish, self-centered, self-focused and self-righteous. Worst if all these are just one person who doesn’t know how to say, "I’m sorry." I believe these kind of people choose not to care, to think, to mind or at to least understand because they believe that they are always right and never wrong to the point that the beloved self takes pride in being indifferent. I hope they’re happy… ‘coz they’d rather be alone. AngryBaring teethSick