Imagining The Future…

I picture the future filled with online services and lots of wireless access. What is important to believe in is that the future wireless Internet speed would be very, very, very fast — so fast, that there would be no difference in speed/performance when you open an HD movie via local player or via online streaming. Also, the cloud computing infrastructure/achitecture of the future would be so mature that it is almost naturally dependable, reliable and trustable.
This is how I imagine the future of computing:
1. Crystal Slate
The crystal slate is a multi-touch haptics enabled I/O device which can come in different sizes (mobile, mount, window, wall, etc.) depending on the user’s need for it. It gets power wirelessly. It displays content wirelessly. It may support audio I/O as well. The basic OS chip in the crystal slate allows the user to select what COTA to access.
Computer-over-the air is the norm. COTA can be a computer hosted at home, at work or from a COTA service provider. 
2.a. COTA at Home
At home, a mobile sized crystal slate is just one of the many ways that the user may interact with the computer at home. Many crystal slates can also be installed in one household. A crystal slate "appliance" is basically a crystal slate that is configured to lock on specific applications on the computer such as an entertainment center (for videos, music, games, etc.) or a communication center (for making voice calls/chats, video calls/chats, e-mails, etc.). Depending on the applications available on the computer, a fully computerized home may have many crystal slate appliances that serve specific functions, which may include the light’s on/off/dimmer switch, for example.
2.b. COTA at Work
The crystal slate at work may be dockable for a full computing experience (the keyboard itself may also be a crystal slate locked to a keyboard application).
2.c. COTA Service Provider
Computers may be hosted via provider for 24/7 operation and support. Users may use the crystal slate to access their COTA account online. COTA service providers may include services such as:
– Hardware (performance) upgrades
– OS upgrades
– Backup/restore
COTA hosted by the service provider may not necessarily be physical computers. The "owner" may also opt to use hosted virtual machines. The service provider has options that would meet specific performance and storage requirements.
So that’s it! COTA accessed via wirelessly powered crystal slates. Cool, huh?

Mahal Kita Kasi

Mahal Kita Kasi
Nicole Hyala
Bangin ka ba? Kasi
Nahuhulog na ako sa ’yo, naman kasi
Unggoy ka ba? Kasi
Sumasabit ka sa puso ko, naman kasi
Pustiso ka ba? Kasi
You know I can’t smile without you
Pagod na pagod na ako
Maghapon ka na kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko
Kasi naman kasi
Mahal kita
Bagay tayong dalawa
Pa-picture nga
Para mapa-develop kita
Hindi tayo tao, hindi rin tayo hayop
Bagay tayo, bagay talaga
Papupulis kita, kasi
Ninakaw mo ang puso ko, naman kasi
Kuto ka ba? Kasi
Palagi ka sa ulo ko
Naman kasi
Apoy ka ba? Kasi
Alab-alab I love you
Magsalbabida ka nga
Kasi baka malunod ka sa pag-ibig ko
Kasi naman kasi
Kamukha mo si Papa P, Papa P (bingo)
P Papa P, Papa P
P Papa P, Papa P (bingo)
Exam ka ba? Kasi
Sasagutin kita agad-agad, naman kasi
Drugs ka ba? Kasi
Kaka-adik ka naman kasi
Kulangot ka ba? Kasi
You’re really, really hard to get
Posporo ka ba?
E, di posporo rin ako para match
Kasi naman kasi
Pustiso ka nga, kasi
I really, really can’t smile without you…

A Template for Boy Band Songs

Title of the Song
Da Vinci’s Notebook
Declaration of my feelings for you
Elaboration on those feelings
Description of how long these feelings have existed
Belief that no one else could feel the same as I
Reminiscence of the pleasant times we shared
And our relationship’s perfection
Recounting of the steps that led to our love’s dissolution
Mostly involving my unfaithfulness and lies
Penitent admission of wrong doing
Discovery of the depth of my affection
Regret over the lateness of my epiphany
Title of the song
Naïve expression of love
Reluctance to accept that you are gone
Request to turn back time
And rectify my wrongs
Repetition of the title of the song
Enumeration of my various transgressive actions
Of insufficient motivation
Realization that these actions led to your departure
And my resultant lack of sleep and appetite
Renunciation of my past insensitive behavior
Promise of my reformation
Reassurance that you still are foremost in my thoughts now
Need for instructions how to gain your trust again
Request for reconciliation
Listing of the numerous tasks that I’d perform
Of physical and emotional compensation
Acknowledgment that I acted foolishly
Increasingly desperate pleas for your return
Sorrow for my infidelity
Vain hope that my sins are forgivable
Appeal for one more opportunity
Drop to my knees to elicit crowd response
Prayers to my chosen deity
Modulation and I hold a high note…

A Note on Writing

There’s a lesson to learn from this: Some jokes do not deliver well in text and, as a friend puts it, sarcasm does not translate well in text either.
I am not the first to say this but people should remember NOT to do things online that might, sooner than later, cause regret.
Many of us today use blogging and micro-blogging sites to self-publish writings about… anything. However, for most of us, we forget about the #1 rule in writing: know your audience. 
When you post something online, you have to remember that your audience could be everyone on the Internet — and that most of those in the audience are actually people you DO NOT know. So, for the most part, you should expect that they have no context at all of what you are writing about. If you want to make sure that most of them would actually understand you, then you have to write smartly — not just intelligently, but smartly. Regardless if you’re writing a book, an article or a 140 character long text message, what’s important is that you get to send the intended thoughts right. There is no room for misinterpretations and misunderstandings; and there is definitely no reason for getting jailed just because you shared what’s happening or what’s on your mind.
Knowing your audience allows you to create content that can be accepted and appreciated without causing confusion, madness and chaos. Knowing your audience allows you to write about the things that matter. Knowing your audience allows you to avoid getting in to prison for publishing something stupid. All the more, knowing your audience allows you to filter what you write so you do not expose, too, much information that could put your life and your loved ones’ lives in danger.
Today, social networking sites have revolutionized the amateur art of exhibitionism. We all have the tendency to find our connection in this world. For most of us, there is a need to connect to someone or anyone somehow. We all have something to say (or write) and we all want to be heard (or read). There is really nothing wrong with that. What can be wrong is when we are not being smart in doing it.
Understand that all writers are bias. Now, since most of us are not really professional writers, we have to be more careful about what we write and what we write about. Be sensitive. Be discrete. Be cautious. Your choice of words matters. Even your mood matters. Seriously. The last thing you want to do is to offend a reader you don’t know and get yourself in trouble.
Know your audience. Be aware. Write smart. Wink

Reviewing Alice in Wonderland

The thing I like best about Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is its smart play on thoughts and speech. Written in 1865, it is one of the best classic books to ever put logical and philosophical monologues and dialogues delivered through symbolic characters. I am currently reading it again and would love to share back my thoughts about it as soon as I’m done (I think I’ll have some new insights about the story now that I’m in my mid-30s).  Wink

All In One Dream Mobile Device 2010

Dual screen tilt-slide form factor:
  • Primary screen smudge and scratch resistant multi-touch OLED HD
    • Built-in stereo surround speakers
    • Haptics
    • Softkeys
  • Secondary screen smudge and scratch resistant multi-touch OLED
    • Built-in stereo speakers (notification/alert sounds, keypress beeps, etc.)
    • Programmable haptics
    • Programmable softkeys
    • For:
      • Programmable user input (keyboard, keypad, touchpad, controllers, application specific controls, etc.)
      • Display extension
3D-aware HD cams
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion and gesture command recognition
  • Video calls/conferencing
  • Photo/video capture
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice commands
  • Voice calls/conferencing
  • Voice/audio recording



WiMax, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

WiDi, HDMI, etc.



Expansion slot(s)

Optional network bands support and SIM tray(s) for call/data packet features/functionalities