Imagining The Future…

I picture the future filled with online services and lots of wireless access. What is important to believe in is that the future wireless Internet speed would be very, very, very fast — so fast, that there would be no difference in speed/performance when you open an HD movie via local player or via online streaming. Also, the cloud computing infrastructure/achitecture of the future would be so mature that it is almost naturally dependable, reliable and trustable.
This is how I imagine the future of computing:
1. Crystal Slate
The crystal slate is a multi-touch haptics enabled I/O device which can come in different sizes (mobile, mount, window, wall, etc.) depending on the user’s need for it. It gets power wirelessly. It displays content wirelessly. It may support audio I/O as well. The basic OS chip in the crystal slate allows the user to select what COTA to access.
Computer-over-the air is the norm. COTA can be a computer hosted at home, at work or from a COTA service provider. 
2.a. COTA at Home
At home, a mobile sized crystal slate is just one of the many ways that the user may interact with the computer at home. Many crystal slates can also be installed in one household. A crystal slate "appliance" is basically a crystal slate that is configured to lock on specific applications on the computer such as an entertainment center (for videos, music, games, etc.) or a communication center (for making voice calls/chats, video calls/chats, e-mails, etc.). Depending on the applications available on the computer, a fully computerized home may have many crystal slate appliances that serve specific functions, which may include the light’s on/off/dimmer switch, for example.
2.b. COTA at Work
The crystal slate at work may be dockable for a full computing experience (the keyboard itself may also be a crystal slate locked to a keyboard application).
2.c. COTA Service Provider
Computers may be hosted via provider for 24/7 operation and support. Users may use the crystal slate to access their COTA account online. COTA service providers may include services such as:
– Hardware (performance) upgrades
– OS upgrades
– Backup/restore
COTA hosted by the service provider may not necessarily be physical computers. The "owner" may also opt to use hosted virtual machines. The service provider has options that would meet specific performance and storage requirements.
So that’s it! COTA accessed via wirelessly powered crystal slates. Cool, huh?

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