Why I Like Wireless HD…

Wireless HD, as the name implies, enables the wireless delivery of rich content from a device to a display device. If you think about it, computers don’t really need to have a monitor/screen installed in order to work. What’s important is that the user would have a way to interact with the computer when needed.
Now picture this: computer + wireless HD + display device (with multi-touch, audio and haptics capability). The display device doesn’t do anything by itself. The user would only use it to remotely access an actual computer which should have all the much needed computing power and Internet connectivity.
Now let’s say you can configure a display device to also access a mobile gadget (headset or wallet form factor). Now what if, that little gadget is actually a full-pledged mobile computer/smartphone with telecommunication features? It’s an awesome possibillity.
The physical separation of the display from the computer (or smartphone) should happen. I strongly believe that Wireless HD will make that happen. It should happen and it should happen soon. ‘Coz I like!

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