My Presidentiable, Or Not…

The Philippines’ May 2010 election "circus" has begun. Six candidates are vying for the top seat. The winner will become the 15th President of the Philippines. The ff. lists descriptions of who my presidentiable is (or, to be exact, who is not my presidentiable):
  • Does not use the "for the poor" theme, and all related variations, in his campaign. This popular theme has been overused by many candidates in many past elections already. I’d rather that the candidate be more specific about the problems that are making life hard and what are the solution he’s planning for each. To just recognize the poor does not mean anything. Knowing what the problem is and what can be done are what we need.
  • Does not ride with popularity, neither from his own nor from others. It should be enough for the candidate to lay down his own platform and to stand up for his own ideals to gain the popularity he needs. It is neither about the famous him nor about his famous supporters. It’s about his brand of politics.
  • Does not keep himself in the shadows of his endorsers. I don’t want to see his proponents. I want to see the candidate for who he really is and for what he really fights for. I want to know what he really believes in. I want to see what he’s really planning. I want to know that he is really in control.
  • Does not mix up religion with matters of the state. Focus is the name of the game. It’s not about being right all the time. It’s about being in the right place doing the right thing at the right time. Religion and politics don’t mix. Period.
  • Does not proclaim that he wants to be a king again. If this is the first statement I’ll hear from a candidate, how much more selfishness can I expect from him? The presidency is not the power. The power should be from the person himself, humbled by the privilege of being elected as the president. Selfish bastards think only of themselves. You don’t have to read between the lines to know what his plans are. The way I see it, he’s only thinking of himself.
  • Does not prioritize himself as a businessman. A businessman is interested in profits. Even with conflicts of interests aside, a businessman thinks in the context of gains. Let’s face the facts. The facts are dirty. They can be dismissed as dirty politics bringing old news back to life. However, they are facts, nonetheless, and that’s what matters. I digressed, but you know what I’m talking about… The Philippines is not one big business to deal with. It is not for sale. It is not for lease. It is not for rent. The Philippines is a state. It is a nation. It is a country that our ancestors have fought hard for us to call our own. We should all benefit from that fact, not just that one businessman who’ve invested so much in orchestrating the perfect law-twisting crimes in history.
I want a candidate who is specific with what to focus on and who is detailed about how to act on them. I want the one who can show his plans with numbers, dates and figures. I want the one who can prove what he knows. I want the one who can prove what he can. I want the one who differentiates himself from the pack. I want a solid leader: with a solid character, with a solid attitude and with a solid plan for the country. That one is my presidentiable. That one is my president.

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