Imagine After Everything’s Digital

Stones and paints; wood and carves; paper and ink… historical mediums to store knowledge and wisdom. They’ve stood the test of time. They taught us about our past. They taught us what we know.
Now, imagine a time when everything is digital — when all information are stored in digital storage mediums… when everything should be shared digitally.
Then imagine that electricity suddenly disappears… completely… for some reason.
How do you retrieve all those knowledge and wisdom kept in hard/flash drives and CDs? How do you even prove that digital civilization existed? What’s there to learn from them? What did they have? What did they do? What happened?
It’s like, once upon a time, a digital civilization existed and the generations of that time couldn’t even prove themselves. Then it becomes a myth… a legend. Eventually, none of them would be remembered. A civilization lost in history… forever.
Think about it…

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