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As I See Tech Store has a catalog that includes popular gadgets and devices! It is simple to use and the catalog only includes tech-related products. The store is definitely ready for your holiday shopping!

Find the Computer, Electronics and Software products you need faster.

It also includes a catalog of e-books for your Kindle via the Kindle Store.

As I See Tech Store is powered by Amazon.


Spread the Word: As I See Tech Project Board is Live!!!


As I See Tech Project Board is a tool that allows work-from-home (WFH) professionals to find projects. Use the tool to start or boost your WFH career!

If you are someone who has project requirements and is currently looking for WFH professionals, go to the Project Board page and click on the Post A Project button which will take you to a form where you can enter details about your project requirement (or you can jump directly to the Post a Project page).

I sincerely hope that you would like this feature of As I See Tech. Establishing a partnership with you is very much welcome! For inquiries, you may contact me directly by sending me an e-mail at

Work From Home! Let As I See Tech Help…

As I See Tech talks about anything related to technology. In my blog site, notice that there is a menu called Sampler. The Sampler page is where I post some on-line technologies that you might want to try.

Today I added a new tool to the Sampler page which could actually help you work from home. The Work From Home tool displays projects ready for you to own so you can start earning. Visit the As I See Tech’s Sampler page to start on your first project now!

Note that I also have the tool squeezed in on the main page of As I See Tech. But if you want to read more text about the projects being listed, visit the As I See Tech’s Sampler page. If you really want to see more, visit As I See Tech Project Board.

UPDATE: If you are looking for work-from-home professionals to work for you, visit the As I See Tech Project Board to post your project requirements.

As I See Tech Is In Story Mode

Follow the adventures of you as technology shapes your life and the lives of the people around you. The story starts with the phone…

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Spread the Word: As I See Tech is Really Live!!!

As I See Tech is my new blog site that talks about technology as I see it. In addition to being informative, the articles can also be opinionated and insightful. But don’t get my word for it. Go ahead and dive in to my blog site, leave a comment and get the discussion going.

Visit As I See Tech @ The Sampler page @ is where I share some on-line applications you might want to try.

Visit also As I See Tech’s Facebook page @ As I See Tech’s Facebook page features a discussion forum where you can talk about technology as YOU see it. If you’re lucky, your thoughts may be featured in my articles! Participate in my polls and get your thoughts counted as I survey information that I may need for my future articles.

As I See Tech is young and I am working extra hard to make sure that it will be as useful to you as it is to me. Help me promote my blog site by spreading the word to your family and friends. Don’t forget to show the world you “Like” it. 😉


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