Good News and Bad News!

Good News: Someone finally won the Grand Lotto in the Philippines! That’s a whopping PHP740M (or more than US$16M)!! Congratulations!!!

Bad News: That someone’s not me…

‘Nough said.


It’s Starting to Feel Like Christmas!

The cold and chilly weather; the colorful lanterns and lights on streets, houses and trees; and a lot of smiles and greetings everywhere all mean that Christmas is almost here!

Some are already making plans for their Noche Buena after the Misa de Gallo of the year. Some are making a list of gifts to give. Some are plotting the calendar for the many Christmas parties to attend. And still some are just planning for that big holiday vacation with the entire family.

All together, however you want to celebrate it, the Christmas spirit is here!

How are you planning your Christmas 2010? Leave a comment to share ideas…

As I See Tech Round-up of Round-ups

There are many holiday round up pages on the web. Really. If you know what, you want and where you want to buy, you can just go straight to their website and shop from there. But for those who are really looking for the best deal, a little research and a lot of coffee can be an issue.

So As I See Tech put up it’s round-up of some really reliable round-ups. Choose from the list @

Yes, you’re welcome. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lotto Craze in the Philippines

No one won the draw tonight in the Philippines’ 6/55 Grand Lotto grand prize of PHP500M+ (USD12+/-). There’s an instant multi-millionaire in the making. Many people are trying their luck on the game, which is definitely enjoying a growing number of bettors. Everyone’s hopes is raised up high. Are you playing? Are you praying? What are your plans if you win the lottery? Leave a comment to discuss…

As I See Tech Holiday List 2010

The holidays are fast approaching: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. They’re the perfect times to buy gifts, to reward yourself (or someone), to get something new or to upgrade something old.

As I See Tech posted a series of Holiday Lists for 2010. The list include mobile gadgets/devices, digital cameras, TVs, computers and games. Check them out!

Or, jump right in to As I See Tech Store to find great deals on-line.

On Manny Pacquiao’s Win 2010

On the night of November 13, 2010 in Texas, Manny Pacquiao once again delivered a great show after winning, by anonymous decision, his 8th division title from Antonio Margarito.

That fight was a make or break fight for both fighters. Both fought representing their respective countries. Both seriously didn’t want to lose. Both seriously wanted to win. It could be a deciding factor for Manny to retire. It could be the deciding factor to end Antonio’s boxing career.

Margarito was literally battered, bruised, cut and wounded in that fight! His right eye swelled since the 3rd round which continued to worsen in to a nasty cut that bled throughout the rest of the 12 rounds bout as his left eye seemed to catch up with a swell of its own. All rounds finished in favor of Manny, who was hoping the referee would call it quits for Antonio on the 11th round. Manny decided not to pursue a TKO on the 12th round allowing Antonio to finish the fight still standing… face covered in his own blood but never knocked down.

Margarito’s height and weight was no match to Pacquiao’s speed. Since the 1st round, Manny was able to land more power punches than Antonio could jab. Manny was moving around and about the ring more often in this fight. He even did an Ali shuffle somewhere in the 7th round! That was probably a fight for Margarito to remember, where he was hit by more power punches than he could have ever thrown in his entire career.

Manny’s new game play, however, included risking himself as bait by moving back to the ropes, as if he was deliberately inviting a beating from Margarito. Manny’s speed, however, proved canny allowing him to find a lot of openings for his 3+ punch combination moves. The strategy was dangerous and painful for Manny who always avoided the ropes from touching his back in most, if not all, of his previous fights. He played the strategy through, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get some hurting from Margarito along the way.

Surprisingly, no one got knocked down in that fight. Margarito’s fighting spirit kept him upright even after catching an amazing 5+ left and right punching combo to the face and head from Manny. Even Manny kept himself standing after an upper cut from Margarito hit him hard in the face.

Overall, the boxing match was another great success for Bob Arum. Congratulations to Antonio Margarito for a respectable display of fighting spirit. Manny’s win was greater because of Antonio’s will to finish the fight. Congratulations to Manny for a courteous display of responsibility and sportsmanship towards the end of the fight. More than anything else, Manny’s obvious concern for the welfare of his opponents make him greater, perhaps even the greatest boxer, that the sports of boxing have ever known. Kudos Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao… you’re the man!

As I See Tech for the Holidays!

In preparation for the holiday season, there are people shortlisting appliances, gadgets and devices to buy or upgrade to.  As I See Tech is listing up for the holidays! Follow the series of articles that will be posted over the next few days.

There are technologies you can immediately get now and there are some to wait for. The best choice depends on your lifestyle and on your budget. Try them out in stores before you buy. Remember, there may be cheap deals on-line so don’t forget to check out the Store.