As I See Tech 2010 Year-Ender Report

As I See Tech‘s 2010 year-ender report is on-going! Articles will be posted everyday towards the New Year. Bookmark As I See Tech’s Best of Tech 2010 page so you can quickly link to the articles summarizing many of the favorite topics covered by As I See Tech this year. Or, visit regularly as the list gets completed before the New Year comes.

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Christmas Party by Eraserheads (lyrics)

All around the world
People make a change
Common and join the celebration!
All around the world
People make a change
It’s time to have a Christmas party!

Peace on earth goodwill to everyone
It isn’t very hard to understand
So get in to the groove of happiness
You got no choice but to feel like all the rest

There’s a new day dawning
Something great is happening
Everybody get down
Funky little heaven nature sing

(Do Chorus, Stanza and Refrain1 2x)


Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice
‘Coz now you have no choice
We’re free to do whatever we please
Get up off our knees
Now it’s time to live all cares and worries behind
Make it yours and mine
At Christmas time…

There’s a new day dawning
Something good is happening!
(Do Refrain2 3x)


(Do Chorus 2x)

It’s time to have a Christmas party!
(Repeat to fade)


Yes! It’s Christmas! It’s that time of the year again.  Shopping, parties, gift giving, dinners… did I mention parties?

Christmas is a celebration and everyone just loves it! Christmas is a wonderful time to be with the family and loved ones. Christmas is also a great time to reflect on the year that passed, in the same way that it is the best time to plan for the next year. So don’t miss Simbang Gabi!

What are your plans for the holidays?

Dreaming of Palawan

My family is visiting Palawan for a vacation tour which includes Puerto Princesa, the famous underground river and Dos Palmas among other things. It’s exciting! The weather in the Philippines is always perfect for vacations. It would be a lot of fun for sure.

Meanwhile, I’m here in the US bundling up against the cold wintry season… left behind and wishing I’m with them in one of my dream places to visit: Palawan. Sigh… It’s sad, I know. Just saying… Another sigh… Oh, sigh, sigh, sigh!

I’ll be a sucker for pain to even want to view the pictures. But I will. I know I’d still want to. It’s the closest I can get to Palawan. Might as well not miss it…