A Template for Boy Band Songs

Title of the Song
Da Vinci’s Notebook
Declaration of my feelings for you
Elaboration on those feelings
Description of how long these feelings have existed
Belief that no one else could feel the same as I
Reminiscence of the pleasant times we shared
And our relationship’s perfection
Recounting of the steps that led to our love’s dissolution
Mostly involving my unfaithfulness and lies
Penitent admission of wrong doing
Discovery of the depth of my affection
Regret over the lateness of my epiphany
Title of the song
Naïve expression of love
Reluctance to accept that you are gone
Request to turn back time
And rectify my wrongs
Repetition of the title of the song
Enumeration of my various transgressive actions
Of insufficient motivation
Realization that these actions led to your departure
And my resultant lack of sleep and appetite
Renunciation of my past insensitive behavior
Promise of my reformation
Reassurance that you still are foremost in my thoughts now
Need for instructions how to gain your trust again
Request for reconciliation
Listing of the numerous tasks that I’d perform
Of physical and emotional compensation
Acknowledgment that I acted foolishly
Increasingly desperate pleas for your return
Sorrow for my infidelity
Vain hope that my sins are forgivable
Appeal for one more opportunity
Drop to my knees to elicit crowd response
Prayers to my chosen deity
Modulation and I hold a high note…


I saw the play. I watched the movie. But I like the play better.
The thing I like about Doubt is that it doesn’t end with the story. You leave the theater and you carry with you your own doubts. It’s remarkable. I’s like a story that’s meant to be remembered. See it as a play. Watch it as a movie. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll never forget it. Regardless, it’s a story that is, with absolute certainty, true to it’s name.
If you don’t believe me, then go on and (see) Doubt. Smile

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Now this is a movie that made my Christmas Day. It’s like reading a beautiful novel on screen.
The plot is full of heart and soul. Touchy but not cheesy. The movie has a wonderful balance of moving you and triggering various emotions: excitement, happiness, joy, sadness, pain, fears, hate, love…
There are memorable narration styles and screen plays that give this movie an original appeal. It’s as if the director was not directing the movie… he was directing the audience’s emotions and feelings towards the characters, events and the circumstances in the story.
A feel good movie that I highly recommend. Kudos to the actors and to David Fincher who did an excellent job here. Congratulations!

The Day The Earth Stood Still

It doesn’t take a renowned critic to say how terrible The Day The Earth Stood Still is. Overall, this movie is nothing but a second rate, trying hard, copycat — if I could even convince myself it’s anywhere near second rate. Tsk, tsk, tsk to Scott Derrickson…

In The Heights

I love this new Broadway show: fun, touching and very real. The story has aspects of a soap opera, the grandeur of a musical and an admirable non-pretentious street smart sense. I highly recommend In The Heights to everyone.
The setting and the casts on stage are so wonderful. They all gave life to a story that touches the heart. I love Olga Merediz’s (voice and her) character as Abuela Claudia.
Congratulations to Lin-Manuel Miranda and thank you for this wonderful piece.
Thank you to my friend Abi for arranging the night. Great to meet you and your friends in NY.

Intelligence is Relative

What do we think of our own intelligence? How much do we understand our own intelligence? Do we even know what to do with our intelligence? Or the lack of it…
Information is power. It’s what intelligence is made of. So yes, we can say that intelligence is power. Everyone knows that. What most people don’t know and fail to recognize, or at least respect, is that by itself, intelligence has power. It can make us or break us. It can take over our lives. It can give us what we want. It can give us nothing at all. We can never be without intelligence… but that’s not all there is to it.
If you have intelligence, can you really say that you are in control? Or let’s say you don’t have it, regardless of your own denial, can you still be in control? Is your intelligence important? To begin with, are you important?
There are people who may think that they have enough intelligence to be important enough to write their own memoir much so to think it would matter to the world. They can be so blinded by their own intelligence that they forget what their real roles are. They forget about their real importance. They forget to be real.
There are people who may think that they can be in control without intelligence. They are smart. They are strong. They are control freaks. They get what they want — no more, no less.
There are people who may think they know what they want and that they can be in control. They believe that they know a lot about the world and about themselves. They ask the intelligent questions. They seem intelligent. In fact, they can be so absorbed into their own intelligence that they forget to be what they should really be: smart. People can be intelligent but fail to be smart. In the real world — and you don’t have to take my word for it — smart people are happier than the intelligent ones.
There are people who may think they can play around with intelligence and get away with it. They lie, lie and lie some more. Manipulation can be very motivating. It can be rewarding. Unfortunately for them, though, intelligence is not a game. It is what it is. You get what you give. You lose what you keep.
There are people who may think that they can interpret information as something so important that it engulfs them — letting that "raw intelligence" take over their lives. They may devote so much energy into getting something bigger out of their own understanding. Ironically, the right is never far from wrong. Simply put, intelligence, when taken wrongly, is plain wrong. Nothing comes right out of that.
There are people who may think that they can do away with intelligence and let their hearts guide them. The heart has no sockets for eyes. It is blind. What good does it do to be guided by something blind? The heart without the brain is as extreme as overdosing on medication. It’s like suicide. The heart watches over the brain as the brain watches over the heart. They compliment each other. Balance is everything: earth and sky; up and down; Yin and Yang. Intelligence without a heart is evil and a heart without intelligence is stupid.
What do we learn? Go see Burn After Reading…

We’re Brothers Forever by Reynaldo Lapuz

By this time, you should’ve seen the video. Reynaldo Lapuz’s positive attitude is amazing. Here’s the lyrics to his song:
I am your brother
Your best friend forever
Singing the songs,
The music that you like(/love).
We’re brothers till the end of time
Together or not, you’re always in my heart
You hurt your feelings
And you will rain no more.
The video is also quite funny, especially, when Paula Abdul did some background dancing of sorts. I’ve never enjoyed an Americal Idol audition as much as this one. YouTube offers a lot of covers from kids and adults around the world. Simply amazing. Congratulations Reynaldo Lapuz!