Why I Like Wireless HD…

Wireless HD, as the name implies, enables the wireless delivery of rich content from a device to a display device. If you think about it, computers don’t really need to have a monitor/screen installed in order to work. What’s important is that the user would have a way to interact with the computer when needed.
Now picture this: computer + wireless HD + display device (with multi-touch, audio and haptics capability). The display device doesn’t do anything by itself. The user would only use it to remotely access an actual computer which should have all the much needed computing power and Internet connectivity.
Now let’s say you can configure a display device to also access a mobile gadget (headset or wallet form factor). Now what if, that little gadget is actually a full-pledged mobile computer/smartphone with telecommunication features? It’s an awesome possibillity.
The physical separation of the display from the computer (or smartphone) should happen. I strongly believe that Wireless HD will make that happen. It should happen and it should happen soon. ‘Coz I like!

All In One Dream Mobile Device 2010

Dual screen tilt-slide form factor:
  • Primary screen smudge and scratch resistant multi-touch OLED HD
    • Built-in stereo surround speakers
    • Haptics
    • Softkeys
  • Secondary screen smudge and scratch resistant multi-touch OLED
    • Built-in stereo speakers (notification/alert sounds, keypress beeps, etc.)
    • Programmable haptics
    • Programmable softkeys
    • For:
      • Programmable user input (keyboard, keypad, touchpad, controllers, application specific controls, etc.)
      • Display extension
3D-aware HD cams
  • Facial recognition
  • Motion and gesture command recognition
  • Video calls/conferencing
  • Photo/video capture
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice commands
  • Voice calls/conferencing
  • Voice/audio recording



WiMax, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

WiDi, HDMI, etc.



Expansion slot(s)

Optional network bands support and SIM tray(s) for call/data packet features/functionalities

One wish list down!!!

I now have a Canon Powershot S3 IS for a good deal from Sears. I love this camera. It has some surprising features I was not expecting. For example:
  • With my A80, I couldn’t zoom while recording a video. I can with this one. And since it can record upto 1GB of continous video, it’s like owning a camcorder as well.
  • Continuous shooting is also pretty fast even with the flash. I feel like a pro using it. Trying hard to be an SLR? Perhaps. But it serves my purpose well.
  • I also like the special effects built in where I can choose a color aspect and then capture that color as-is in my a B/W photo or video. Amazing!
  • There are also additional pre-settings like that for capturing fireworks and beach scenes. Sweet…
  • I surely hoped it has an automatic lens cover like that in A80 and smaller point-and-shoots. But It comes with a lens cover you snap on which is cool enough for me. From afar, I can pretend it’s an SLR even though it’s not.

One down and two more wish list items to go…

Wish List

The following are my wish lists for the year:

I have to say something about the Canon Powershot S3 IS. I love this camera. A must have for those who are still initimidated about owning an SLR. A little more confidence and some photography class perhaps should prep myself up to deciding for an SLR. But for now, I’ll stick with these nice point-and-shoots with built-in semi-pro features. Oh, and the best part is, that camera needs only AA batteries. Lovely…

Mobile Phones in Style

We’ve heard of fashion-oriented brands sponsoring specific mobile phone models. In fact we’ve seen D&G’s take on Motorola’s RAZR. They all tend to be more expensive than the base model. Despite questionable success, the trend keeps on going.
Prada and LG Electronics teams up with the first touch screen phone in the market: the Prada Phone (LG KE850). This goes out ahead of Apple’s iPhone, also a touch screen phone, to be released in June.
There are also reports (or rumors) of Tag Heuer cellphones coming out soon. I guess it’s one of those James Bond 007 dreams coming true for their designers.
It’s all about style. If there are more touch screen phones coming out along side Apple’s iPhone, I think Apple should start considering Steve Ballmer’s comments on the iPhone’s hefty price — although, honestly, we should be used to Apple products being more expensive than everyone else’s…

Thoughts on the HTC Tytn

I mentioned the HTC Tytn twice already in this blog. In both cases, I expressed my uber desire for it. I’ve been reading the specifications. I’ve been reading various reviews on the product. For me, the HTC Tytn is the best out there in terms of functionality and feature sets. Consider:
  • Quad-band and 3G
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared and mini-USB
  • Mobile Office
  • Dual camera with video calling support
  • Multi-media features with Windows Media Player
  • Expansion slot for micro-SD
  • Full keyboard in a slide form factor

This demo shows more of what this device can do. Really, for me, this model is the ultimate device for the power users out there. Although, the price is not for everyone — priced as much like a desktop PC, this monster is expensive.


Thoughts on the iPhone

The iPhone, which braves the world with a large screen and a single button design, is perhaps the boldest and the hottest gadget ever annnounced this January 2007.

The iPhone uses an Apple patented Multi-Touch technology which allows users to use more than one finger to navigate on the unit’s screen. Compare that to a typical touchscreen which can only track and react to a single finger touching its surface. However, people are concerned about this, considering it, among many, a liability to the product rather than its strong selling point.

It is an iPod, phone and Internet device in one. It runs OS X and boasts of rich connectivity capabilities such as quad-band GSM, bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Although it has no 3G, the fact that it has Wi-Fi is good enough — with the proliferation of free Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere, the cost of staying online is getting cheaper and cheaper for everyone.

The iPhone is planned to be released in the US in June this year (Cingular); later in Europe; and then in Asia sometime in 2008. The only lowdown is its lockdown with Cingular (AT&T). It seems to be a strategic move. Defensive in fact… as Apple ensures the success of the product first before really going mainstream. I suppose this is a wise decision. The iPhone right now is version 1.00. I don’t think the entire company should be risked for it at once.

My PC desktop wallpaper shows a couple of iPhone pictures. It inspires me to work harder hoping that I can go and own the real thing soon. Meanwhile, I dream about the HTC Tytn…

Keeping Apple Secrets

Read this and learn from it: How did Apple keep iPhone a secret?
It is quite amazing that a globally known and recognized company could actually keep something as exciting as the iPhone a secret from the consumers and businesses around the world. It is more amazing to know that even some people working for (executives, developers and staff) and working with (Cingular, Yahoo! and Google) Apple only saw the iPhone during Steve’s keynote in MacWorld 2007. In fact, according to the article, the secret is kept even from the families of those executives who do know about the iPhone.
Apple has a lot of surprises up its sleeves. Mostly entertaining. Pleasant. Cool. And they work well with the tastes of many.